I Shall Need a New Apartment

I really liked Tim, but I also knew that he had some issues with gambling. I think it has been about seven weeks since he got banned from the Thursday night poker game because he would lose more than he could pay. At any rate apparently he was gambling on the internet, on betting sites apparently. At any rate the other day I discovered that he had not paid the rent in a couple of months. That was very fortuitous for me. I had my half of the rent ready and I would have given it to him and expected him to give it to the landlord. In hindsight that seems like a bad plan given what we all knew about his problems with paying the debts that he had to other people. At any rate it is not going to turn out to be a big problem for me. Obviously I did not give him the money and I am sure that the process server will be here any day telling us to pack up and clear out.

At any rate I sort of lucked out. I know this guy who graduated about nine months ago and he is working for a big tech company now. They have a place close to the campus, but he told me that he is going to be in the United Kingdom for a month or maybe more. He did not know anything about my problems, but wanted someone to look after his dog. In truth he treats that dog better than he treats most people. I think that he has had it since he was a child and he really loves it.At any rate he wanted me to watch the dog while he was gone, since I am one of the few people he would trust.